PAGSS Recruitment & Selection process ensures sound and non-discriminatory practices. A year-round recruitment is being applied by way of seeking potential candidates for job vacancies over an extended period of time. The sourcing process is intensified by way of establishing networks with various schools and organizations to help create a pool of prospective employees for the organization, so that Management can select the right candidate for the right job from this pool.

Passenger Service Agent
Accounting Staff
(Code: FACTG-104)

The Finance and Administration department is composed of highly responsible personnel who are tasked with the functions of; accounting, budgeting, financial planning and reporting, cash management, purchasing, information services, and related administrative support services.

Passenger Service Agent
Passenger Service Agents
(Code: PSA -300)

The Passenger Service Agent provides assistance and related customer services at the counter, gate and baggage areas. Duties include servicing customers by performing meet and greet, check-in, aircraft boarding and deplaning, ticketing, baggage service, public announcements, providing connecting flight information and handling of unruly, upset, or angry passengers.

Ramp/Operations Agent
Ramp/Operations Agents
(Code: ROPS -302)

The Ramp agents are responsible for all ground servicing of an aircraft while in the airport between flights. This means preparing for aircraft arrival by readying the wheel chocks, belt loaders (for unloading baggage), and various other machinery used in aircraft maintenance.

Cargo Agents
Cargo Agents
(Code: CCGO -303)

The Cargo Agent's responsibility is to ensure that both outbound and inbound cargo are processed properly in a timely manner, in accordance with internationally accepted standards. This includes acceptance, documenting, and manifesting of cargo for delivery to the loading platform in accordance with the Cargo bills of lading, shipping charges and tariffs.

Ground Equipment Operator
Ground Equipment Operators
(Code: MGEO -301)

The Ground Equipment Operator is responsible for the operation of several ground support equipment such as: push back tractor, loader, conveyor belt, baggage tractor, GPU, ACU, etc. They observe safe ground handling procedures including the performance of equipment checks.

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