2013 Awardees - Perfect Attendance, Top 3 Most Commended Employees for Excellent Customer Service and Quarterly Loyalty/Loyalty Service.


All employees have the responsibility to deliver acceptable results of their jobs. A deficiency in their work outcomes naturally may receive criticism. On the other hand, a job well done customarily awaits praises much so when employees have to deal with abnormal situations or adversities yet they rise above to overcome. These employees racked up the most number of commendations in 2012, they who went above and beyond to perform their duties exceptionally. PAGSS lauds these employees with applause and cheers! They only not delivered their best but their gestures inspire others to do better and to get ahead within the organization. Their commendable accomplishments flicker positive impact to the image and branding of the Company to our clients, an essential matter to draw their trust that the Company regards only the best and quality service to them.

All thumbs up for the excellent job! Yours are priceless treasures; no amount of material adulation can match up the honor you brought to PAGSS.


The year 2012 marked a significant change in these employees’ career with PAGSS. A good catch of “luck” maybe, but certainly, theirs is a result of keeping in mind that good work is a habit. Yes, a good break comes however, not all the time. Promotion is exactly the equation of chance plus the perfect blend of hard work each day and innate positive work attitude. It only sparks when opportunity meets the prepared one. These employees who received promotions welcomed another opportunity to move up in the ladder of their careers. As everyone knows that moving up always entails higher expectations and enhanced responsibilities, but it definitely guarantees uplift in one’s spirit, and not to mention a raise in rewards of course. One who desires to be in this league of individuals should give no room for skepticism, but only a relentless courage to repeat positive performance thru a continued push and pull.

To all of you, thank you very much indeed for your determination to advance your careers in the Company. Your aspiration for advancement is one signal of our forward march towards the vision of PAGSS.



A decade and still counting, quindecennial (fifteen years) and keeping still. These employees’ commitment to stay with the Company through all these years is truly an achievement not only for them, but for the organization itself, for it models “serving” alongside each other thru thick and thin. These employees’ trust to keep with the relationship as members of one family established over times, their decision to stick despite the inevitable exchange of differing opinions and points of view at times, and their determination to be at their finest for the best interest of service are absolutely praiseworthy. PAGSS believes and can never dispute that the quality and loyalty of the employees of the Company are the best tandem leading forth to its stability and long-term success. The greater the loyalty of the employees towards the Company, the greater is the motivation amongst all, thereby the greater the probability to achieve the goals of the organization.

To our 10 and 15 year service awardees, our profound thanks. Happy anniversary!

New Year, New Look!

Philippine Airport Ground Support Solutions Inc. (PAGSS), one of the major ground handling agencies in Manila, is celebrating its 16th year anniversary on 01 April 2012. To coincide with this momentous event, PAGSS re-launched its official website which aims to bring the Company to a wider reach by providing an easy access to the Company’s history, products, people and services.

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